An Open Letter to Godly Men from a Single Mom

Life for a single mom can look many different ways. "One size fits all" definitely does not apply to her life. There are a million different "plates" that she might have to "spin" day-in and day-out. But something that I think every Christian single mom would agree upon is this: she wants her child(ren) to grow up to be Godly men or women. In my specific case, I have a son. One and only. So I am going to focus the rest of this post on the fact that I have only one child (and that I am a woman raising said son, not a single father raising his child). When a woman is doing her best to raise her child for God, there are some things, no matter how hard she tries or how badly she wants to, that she cannot  do. Right now there is a battle going on in the World. Women and Men are not distinctly separated and the lines between femininity and masculinity are being blurred. God, however, has made them his or her own person, each with their own character tra


I haven't posted much lately because I've been at a crossroads. Crossroads are tricky. Life, in general, has had rabbit trails that I've followed and fallen off the main road. I'm not quite sure I've gotten back on the main road, though. Life is confusing. It's hard not to focus on the "what if's" and the distractions, at least it is for me. Is it for you? I should hope that I'm not alone to say that life is hard to navigate. I am thankful, though, that I do have something that is a help in life. A guide. A path to follow if we only will follow it. A hope that things will be okay and that the walk doesn't have to be this "perfect thing" that we do. I'm thankful for God's guidance. I have more experience with the "single mom" title than I do with any other title. It's quite hard to make the appropriate decisions with no spiritual guide (in the flesh) to help make them. I know that's where God meets m

But You loved me anyway.....

It's been about a year since I've last posted because I've been in a "holding" stage of life.... up until now. So many aspects of life are changing. Some that I have not gotten my "100% total answer" about, and some are just changing how I see and feel about things. Let me rabbit-trail for a moment or 2.... (I'm good at that!) God has not been easily "seen" in quite a while, but I know that He is still there and is guiding me because of unmistakable circumstances that only the God of the Universe could do. It's easy for me to go along my way, doing what I want to do, being who I want to be...but not getting satisfaction out of any of it. God should be the One "ordering my steps" (Psalm 119:133) and I should willingly give Him control because He knows what's "coming up next" (Jeremiah 29:11). With all that said...Why is it so easy to dismiss God from our lives? Is it because we truly do not see all tha

Hell or Heaven? Are they real?

A preacher was on an airplane, reading a secular magazine that had an article in it about Hell. The article detailed a preacher saying that there was, basically, no such place as Hell and that if preachers stuck with what Jesus said, there would be no preaching about Hell. A businessman on the other aisle of the airplane heard the preacher laugh and was curious as to what he was laughing about. The preacher told the businessman about the article, but he couldn't understand what was so humorous about it. He said he was not a religious man and had no experience in such, so the preacher gave him a task. He handed the businessman his Bible and asked him if he would be willing to look in the book of Matthew at all the Red Letter words (the words of Jesus) and underline everything that talked about judgment, life and death, and Hell. He accepted the task and for the next 45 minutes went through the book, underlining all he found. When he was done, he looked at the preacher and said &q

An Open Letter to my Son's Future Mother-in-Law

To the woman that is raising my son's future wife..... I want you to know that your future Son-in-Law is being raised right now with a few specific goals. He will by no means be a perfect husband to your daughter, but he is being raised to be a Godly man that will love unconditionally, show affection (which we both know all women need), and will treat your daughter with respect and dignity. My prayer is 2-fold, right now. I pray that God will show me everything that my son needs to be, in order to grow up to be a Godly man who will serve Christ with his life and be a leader to his family. The 2nd part of my prayer is that you are doing the same with my future Daughter-in-Law. I pray that right now, God is supplying you with the wisdom to raise her to be a Godly young woman that will be a Proverbs 31 woman to my son. I pray that your daughter and my son will save their bodies to give to one another on their wedding night. Purity is so hard to keep, but I know that if we teac

Hello! My name is "Pharisee"

Hello! My name is "Pharisee". I am a good, upstanding person that thinks that I'm better than "those people" over there, sinning and doing things that are wicked. I don't see my own sin as I see other's. I am not as bad as I really am.  Hello! My name is "Sinner". I can do nothing "good" or "right". My sinful flesh gets in the way every single day.  Hello! My name is "Selfish". I want things that I can't have. I keep things instead of giving them away. I don't tell others the Truth, I just keep it hidden away inside myself. I am disgusted when I look at myself. My apathy towards my sin. The way I won't stop and share the Truth with the people around me, even when I don't pull out the excuse (one of many) "I don't have time." But then my Saviour comes my way and says "I can make all things new", "If you confess your sins, I am able to forgive and to cleanse

Seasons of Life - Turn, Turn, Turn....

Is it just me, or do you ever feel at different times in life that it's time for change?  The Bible does talk about "seasons" in our lives, so I guess that's what I'm talking about....a "season" gone and a new one begun.  I examine myself and am frustrated. I need change. I know I need to be doing so many things better, one of those being taking better care of myself in all aspects - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The latter one more so than the others...or so I reason. The Holy Spirit lives inside my heart because of the salvation decision I made almost 20 years ago. I know I need to change in my relationship with my God. So many fiery darts thrown by the enemy, wanting to get my attention off of my Saviour. I'm not going to let it happen.  What season are you in right now? Do you feel the need for change?